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«The New Smart Self Management Book for Women!»

The pursuit of happiness is perhaps something that we all have in common. It might be a bumpy road, especially when perfection is the goal. «Good girl»- syndrome is probably  phenomenon that is increasing nowadays, as the picture of a «successful life» enters us through media with more impact and speed than ever before. Battling the perceived assumption that all aspects of life must be handled perfectly is a lesson anyone needs to learn, men as women. But maybe pressure is put upon women in a more profound way than men, from themselves and others. In the new book You Are a Superwoman – Defeat Your Kryptonite and Release Your Inner Strength! (Ole Haslestad), light is shed on the increasing problems with the mental and physical stress of today, and most importantly; how to deal with it! 


OK. The world lies in front of your feet. We have an opportunity today so succeed in whatever we want – as long as talent and hard work (blood sweat and tears?) is invested. This is new for our generation. It can also be a source of stress. The book You Are a Superwoman -Defeat Your Kryptonite and Release Your Inner Strength! takes a look at the assumption of what lies in «success», and focuses on how to free the inner resources to experience the superwoman state. To make this possible, there are some areas that be be tuned in congruency with the biological needs of the body;

  1. Thinking: Your thoughts create your choices. Your choices over time become habits, that would be your life style. It`s estimated that we think 60.000 thoughts every day, most of them is the same thoughts as thought yesterday. If change is wanted, change of thought is a must. Super-Power dissects the mental/emotional/communicational aspects of how to become Superwoman.
  2. Eating: Our food choices have a much broader impact on all our body systems than understood by most people. Diet effects mood, healing, immune function, weight and MORE! In this section, the Superwoman Diet is presented.
  3. Moving: Third Superpower is movement. Today we live sedentary life`s. Some people are exercising in a good way, but there are many culprits to fall under by moving too little, too much or in a way that do not increase the quality of movements, but reverses it!
  4. Chill time: One commonly forgotten element today is Super-Rest; how to relax, sleep and make room for slowing down. Hugely underestimated today, and creates a lots of problems. Cheap and easy to fix when you understand why and how!


The principles of the four superpowers are accessed through a few tricks learned in the chapter «Think Inside the Box!» and «Your Inner GPS». The book is easy to read, and have a cartoon page proceeding every chapter so that younger learners can engage and understand. The cartoon`s will prepare you for the coming chapter, and works fine as repetition as well. Follow June and her friend Superwoman in their friendship and evolvement (Illustrator: Anniken Askeland).

1. You Are a Superwoman! Cartoon

Who`s the book for? «You Are a Superwoman» is written to women who wants to stay or grow fitter, smarter, happier. Age span from 15 to 50 years of age is probably the group that will have most benefits from reading it.

You Are a Superwoman – Defeat Your Kryptonite and Release Your Inner Strength! guides you through essential steps to become conscious about your kryptonite (the things hindering you from reaching maximal vitality, strength and happiness), and gives you tools to control the kryptonite and enhance your super powers. In the section «Your Super Plan», practical tips and information is added so that you can manage the transformations you desire.


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Author`s Picture Ole Haslestad

Author Ole Haslestad: «You Are a Superwoman!»


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